About Us

Loving Dentistry, an exceptional Issaquah & Sammamish Dentist for your family

Loving Dentistry

Offering you a Safe and Relaxed Environment

Our office uses the latest recommended sterilization procedures and we maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of your dental care. We also strive to provide a relaxing and pleasant visit.

We offer a variety of techniques to help you relax, including chair-side satellite televisions, stereo headphones, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), sedatives, and anesthesia. Your trust and confidence are earned with our commitment to effective communication and patient comfort.

Our Philosophy and Mission

  • To create beautiful and healthy smiles using a gentle and caring touch in a warm, compassionate atmosphere.
  • To always provide patients with comprehensive and individualized dental care.
  • To exceed patients’ expectations by working harmoniously as a team.
  • To recognize our commitment that patients are always our first priority.
Loving Dentistry, an exceptional Issaquah & Sammamish Dentist for your family exam chair

Exam Chair

State of the Art Equipment and Materials
We are proud to use the very best and most advanced products and material in order to provide the highest quality of dentistry. Digital X-rays: We use digital radiography which allows us to reduce radiation by up to 90% compared to traditional x-rays. This technology also allows your x-rays to be enlarged and enhanced which often increases diagnostic capabilities.

Soft Tissue Laser
The diode laser represents the latest advance in soft tissue laser. It provides quick, precise soft tissue surgeries with minimal or no bleeding, swelling, or post-operative pain.

In gum therapy, the laser vaporizes the bacteria and diseased tissue, disinfecting the pocket with light energy. Soft tissue laser therapy is a non-surgical alternative. Patients respond favorably with minimal or no post-op discomfort. Controlling periodontal disease makes it possible to save and restore teeth that otherwise may be considered hopeless.

When the laser is used for surgical procedures, it means less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, less tissue removed, less recovery time, and more predictable response than traditional gum surgery.

Diagnodent Laser
We use this laser to help diagnose even the earliest decay on the biting surface of teeth. It’s easy, reliable, and painless.

Brush Biopsies
We are certified to perform brush biopsies to help prevent and detect oral cancer. Common white, red, or ulcerated mouth lesions should be examined and possibly tested. By testing oral spots with a brush test, precancerous oral cells can be detected – years before oral cancer can start. This is much like the way that routine Pap smears detect precancerous cells years before cervical cancer starts. The BrushTest™ – why just detect oral cancer when you can now prevent it years before it can start.

Electric Handpieces
We use electric handpieces which allow us to prepare teeth more precisely and are much quieter than traditional “drills.”

Loving Dentistry, an exceptional Issaquah & Sammamish Dentist for your family

Comforting Dental Fears

Comforting Dental Fears and Sensitive Teeth
We understand that a dental visit can be stressful, especially if you have sensitive teeth. We are able to soothe your anxieties as well as your sensitive teeth and gums. We can comfort your tissues with a numbing gel and apply a variety of desensitizing agents to your teeth to provide relief. In addition, our water lines are warmed to provide warm water rinses and we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for your comfort. Anti-anxiety medications are also available to help you relax during your dental treatment.

Patient and Environmental Safety
Patient safety is our priority. We are proud of our top of the line sterilization systems and equipment. We also only use distilled water in our water lines so you can be certain the water used during your treatment is clean and pure.

We invite you to enjoy the benefits of our environment just as we enjoy practicing quality dentistry and improving your smile and oral health.

We are also committed to the environment through recycling and disposal programs. We are proud to be a four star Envirostar Business – demonstrating our commitment to properly manage and reduce hazardous materials and waste.