Our Green Practice

Loving Dentistry an Issaquah & Sammamish green practice Dentist for your family

We love the environment

At Loving Dentistry, each and every one of us strives to help preserve our precious environment, to leave it as a better place for the next generation. No matter how large or small, we realize protecting our natural resources is not only a responsible thing to do but the right thing to do.  With the use of environmentally friendly dental chemicals, films, charts and daily administrative tasks our family dental practice can not only provide great dental care for our patients but help preserve our environment as well. Below are some of the ways we contribute.

Some small yet significant contributions are:

  • We recycle in our office, everything from paper to glass.
  • We are proud to offer digital x-rays, reducing radiation to our patients and less waiting time. Also, we eliminated to the traditional chemicals that is needed to process standard films.
  • We utilize an email/text message confirmation system that saves paper and energy.
  • We use mostly digital charts to eliminate waste and promote efficiency.
  • We use low energy fluorescent and light bulbs throughout the office.

Patient and Environmental Safety
Patient safety is our priority. We are proud of our top of the line sterilization systems and equipment. We also only use distilled water in our water lines so you can be certain the water used during your treatment is clean and pure.

We invite you to enjoy the benefits of our environment just as we enjoy practicing quality dentistry and improving your smile and oral health.

We are also committed to the environment through recycling and disposal programs. We are proud to be a four star Envirostar Business – demonstrating our commitment to properly manage and reduce hazardous materials and waste.