Loving Dentistry works with many orthodontic specialists in the area to provide you with all the state of the art orthodontic options available from traditional metal/ceramic braces, to clear braces like Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, and Six Month Smiles. Orthodontic treatment aligns both upper and lower teeth so you are at much less risk of developing dental issues throughout your life such as dental caries secondary to not being able to clean your teeth properly due to tooth crowding. Orthodontics also helps prevent premature bone loss, tooth wear due to alignment problems and tooth fractures. Orthodontics can also help align the TMJ to prevent joint pain and muscle fatigue that can lead to painful degeneration of the joint and arthritic conditions as you get older. Both children and adults can benefit greatly from orthodontic treatment. Make sure you discuss your orthodontic concerns with the team at Loving Dentistry next time you come in!


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