Tooth Scaling

Tooth Scaling

Preventative/Cleanings/Check Ups – All the hygienists at Loving Dentistry take pride in educating patients to take care of their gums and teeth at home on an everyday basis.

Did you know that flossing can add 6.4 years to your life!

We all should remember that oral health is just as important to a person’s wellbeing as diet and exercise. A healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body and our hygienists are happy to address your concerns and help you achieve long term oral health.

Most people hesitate to come in for dental cleanings because their teeth and gums are sensitive. We are cognizant of this issue and have developed a Loving Dentistry cocktail that will help make your cleanings comfortable and efficient so you can get your gums and teeth to a healthier state quicker.

All our hygienists wear loupes when cleaning teeth on a routine basis. Loupe technology allows your hygienists to visualize the tarter and debris around your teeth at much higher magnification than the naked eye. This equates to the efficient removal of tarter and stains with minimal irritation. In essence, this means if you can see more, you have to scrape less!

We also use topical numbing gels that are high potency for gum areas that require some special attention to minimize discomfort. Many times, after healing the site no longer remains sensitive and patients no longer require localized numbing agents.

We also have a unique anesthetic buffering system that allows anesthetic to be very effective independent of the patient’s physiology. Without getting into the science, a buffered anesthetic solution will have 2,500 times more of the active form available than a regular unbuffered anesthetic solution. For the science minded, more info can be found at:


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